sunday stylings

July 17, 2011

enjoying today

plans include:
✔ run in the sun
✔ home yoga practice
✔ 2 hours solid work on lab meeting presentation
✔ grocery shopping/meal planning
✔ reading / relaxing / catching up on magazines
✔ [fine] answering pages
glee project viewing [my sister is even coming over to watch!]

sounds good to me. a bonus is that the apartment is clean and well-organized — the only way i feel like i can really relax into my surroundings at home. we’re even starting to add a few touches here and there:

calming/cheery items displayed next to the TV
design inspiration: orla kiely + georg jensen
lots of light. LOTS.
salmon with a side of SNED
i think last night’s dinner went well! i did not subject our guests to the wrath of the camera, but i do think that l + m had a good time.

i set this simple cheese plate out to start with, and we sat around nibbling for a while and enjoying some sauvignon blanc.

cheese selections: humboldt fog, a goats-milk brie, and manchego
this kept our guests busy while i headed to the kitchen to finish up with dinner.

farmer’s market greek salad [everything was local except the olives!] + pan-roasted salmon with basil and garlic
the salmon recipe was from the splendid table cookbook, and worked as an easy prep method while guests were waiting [the sauce was just salmon drippings + leftover garlic/basil in the pan + white wine cooked down].

luckily, our guests still had room for some espresso + dessert:

happily serving up cake slices with freshly whipped cream
this cake was from SNED and was definitely a hit! it was moist, not too sweet, and sans whipped cream, the whole-wheat based cake would even make a relatively healthy breakfast option. [or, you could really start the day with a bang and keep the topping, of course 🙂 ].

YUM. i would definitely make this again.

and in other completely unrelated news:

slightly obessed. must. stay. away . . .

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