July 2, 2011

my kind of agenda
yesterday [first day in lab] went well. but i am just so excited about TODAY that i can’t really think about anything else. here’s why:

today’s plans
✰ write this post
✰ 30 minute run [current temp: 67 with sun]
✰ durham farmer’s market
✰ massage!
✰ come home + clean/organize
✰ yoga [at home? or BP? we’ll see]
✰ trip with josh to the container store + anthro
✰ movie? [i promised X-men as a thank you for his labors of love on my car]

seriously, it does not get any better. maybe if i fit local yogurt in there somehow . . .

public service announcement
office supply/design fanatics [uhh, i think there are a few of you around these parts . . .] – check out poppin! i am currently fantasizing about a few of their pieces landing on my desk — that is, if the container store fails to deliver.

tape dispensers can be beautiful, too


workout: 20 minute ‘earth’ yoga sequence [lots of warriors + slow flow] in the AM; apartment gym workout in the PM:
— 20 minutes elliptical while reading experience life mag
— 20 minutes weights — 2 sets each of pushups, squats, lunges, pull-downs, tricep dips, and crunches

i have decided that the best strength workout for me is the one i’ll actually go and DO, so i’m just freestyling it! i do have to say i’ve never had the opportunity to weight train so conveniently, so maybe i’ll manage to become consistent again.

ziti + the city
CL‘s ziti with summer vegetables was super-simple to throw together, and will be an easy lunch option over the long weekend.

served with a green salad topped with walnuts + balsamic vinaigrette, at the mag’s suggestion
and a side of red wine + cityscape!
ahh durham, you and i are definitely friends again.