at peace

August 6, 2011

good morning to you too, durham

it would be perfectly reasonable to be grumpy today.

a midnight transfer center call. a morning consult. a massive zit trying to erupt on my chin [sorry, it’s true] and this:

but what would be the point?

i’d still have to do the consult.

i’d still have to get wet.

and my skin would still look like that of a 15-year old.

instead, i’m going to stick to my plans from yesterday which will make the torrential downpour seem more cozy than catastrophic. i will crank some tunes, hit the mat, and yes — scrub the bathroom [after i go in and do that consult, i mean]. i will not start a countdown wishing the hours away. instead, i will just be with what is.

i dare you to get this song out of your head.

happy saturday!

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