clean slate

August 10, 2011

starting over

yesterday was . . . interesting. let’s just say that it will not go down in history as one of my most productive work days, and that center stage? is awesome. however, while one day of just succumbing to slothlike urges probably [hopefully] won’t do any lasting damage, it’s not exactly a new trend that i want to embrace.

SO! starting fresh, today. now, it’s not always easy to turn things around mid-week — at least not for me. i tend to have an all-or-nothing attitude about certain things, and sometimes spend far too much mental energy ruminating about what i didn’t do, rather than just getting on with life.

this doesn’t serve me, though. [or probably anyone]. instead, here are a few tricks that often do help me feel like i’m starting from scratch — even on a wednesday.

let bygones be bygones i used to try to ‘make up’ for missed workouts by trying to do extra later in the week. during my marathon training days, this was a recipe for injury [and i had plenty of those!], and now, it’s really just silly.

so i took it easy for a couple of days — that’s cool! moving on with life.

be realistic if it’s just not an ON week, maybe i just need to make things a little bit easier for myself. skip complicated recipes. avoid starting some big hard project in lab [for me, this is liver triglyceride measurement. if anyone has any tips, i’d love them — i’m terrified!!!].

SLEEP. i just think this belongs on pretty much any list of life tips. so overwhelmingly important!

write it out

sometimes it really helps me to see the whole day’s schedule laid out in detail. it may be dorky, but seeing my tasks for the day written out in such a concrete manner can be motivating and also quite reassuring [as in: see? it’s NOT that hard of a day.]

focus on single-tasking having a list like the one above helps with this as well. knowing that i only have to do ONE thing at a time is a comforting thought and always makes things seem more manageable.

dangle a carrot . . . or two. intersperse enjoyable tasks/breaks throughout the day. i plan on finding somewhere to read for a bit during my lunch break, and am already looking forward to the yoga class [and then coming home + watching weeds].

off to the races . . . or uhh, the elliptical. do you have any tips to add to the list? share away!

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