compromises + adjustments

August 29, 2011

good enough

my to-do list won, but at least i put in a decent effort.

bathroom cleaning –> didn’t happen, because i was waiting for josh to come home with cleaning supplies in my hopeful fantasy world, when in fact he arrived somewhere around 2 am [i can pinpoint this fairly specifically because it was between my 1st and 2nd bathroom trip of the night. out of 3]. apparently the vascular surgery patients were a lot needier than the endocrinology kids last night!

but that’s okay — i’ll plan on tackling the lovely task on tuesday. as for meal-planning, i just can’t do it. i can’t go through cooking magazines [or even food blogs, really] without exacerbating my nausea, and almost nothing looks good to me. don’t get me wrong — i’m eating plenty and i seem to find something specific to crave at almost every mealtime. but this food flightiness doesn’t allow me to plan very well in advance.

so, i just went to whole foods and bought some random staples [including — gasp — some vegetables!] in the hopes that i will be able to put together combinations of things depending what i want on various nights. we’ll see how it goes.

i also picked up dinner:

brown rice this time, and an accompanying vegetable! almost healthy!

a new inspiration

i just found the closet therapy blog, and i am in love. first off: we share the same taste in luggage! [i have that suitcase, too!]. second, she is pregnant. her first tri experiences sound very much like mine and i am intrigued by her innovative idea for maternity-wear [which might involve the clearance rack of my favorite store].

anyway, i will definitely be keeping up with her site for fashion advice as i progress along. other essential sites i should be checking out?

and then there’s this:

ahhh! how can you not love beyoncé? wonder how far along she is . . .

workout report: week of 8/22

✔ 2 runs [30ish minutes each]

✔ 2 elliptical workouts [30ish minutes each]

. . . and that’s it! not terrible but i would love to add back in some yoga and/or strength. i also think that on days with more fatigue, i could perhaps at least squeeze in a short walk, mostly because movement really does make me feel better, at least temporarily. i have my first OB appointment today, so maybe i’ll ask her what a good goal to aim for would be!

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