decisions, decisions!!

August 7, 2011

currently running through my brain

☑ to iPhone or not to iPhone?

[to clarify, my current phone is a very non-smart motorola flip circa 2008]

☑ 3 day weekend in LA [josh is going for a conference], or is that just too hectic + ridiculous?

☑ bake scones, or millet muffins?

attention runners!

nike tempo shorts for $15.97? i might have bought 3 pairs.

weekly giveaway reminder: 1 more week to enter to win $100 from BlogHer + Degree!

and that’s pretty much it
yesterday went as planned: one consult, lots of cleaning, etc. this post is super-late because i had to run this morning before it got any hotter! it’s super-boring because i think a few brain cells may have melted in the process. sending lovely weekend vibes your way, + more tomorrow!

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