August 2, 2011

♥ pen:

the hi-tec C, 4 mm
♥ breakfast:

except lately: replace that fall apple with some summer berries or a peach
♥ easy dinner:

from just last night: courtesy of chef amy
♥ album:

today, i’d have to say arcade fire’s funeral
♥ movie: i really can’t pick one. but i loved stranger than fiction.

♥ restaurant:

panciuto [in hillsborough] or guglhupf
♥ jeans:

joe’s jeans, hands down. [old pic!]
♥ vacation:

hawaiian honeymoon, 2006. no question!!
♥ store:

enough said.
♥ beverage:

anything dry, crisp, and sparkling!
♥ blog:

♥ book:

so strange and so beautiful

what are some of your favorites today?

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