identity crisis?

August 23, 2011

what kind of blog is this, anyway??

reading sabrina‘s post this morning, i could relate to her musings about where her blog really fits in these days. the HLS got me thinking: i think that perhaps at one point my site was a healthy living blog, but i don’t necessarily think that it qualifies anymore.

✔ i no longer religiously follow training plans, nor do i tackle long distances

✔ i do not consider my current diet to be particularly healthy. however, the disclaimer i would make is that my eating choices seem to be ruled by some demonic, nauseated beast right now. i’m just along for the ride . . .

✔ by HLS standards, my current activity level would probably qualify as ‘sedentary’. 3 30-minute runs a week does not an athlete make.

✔ on the upside, i do seem to have embraced rest, relaxation, and SLEEP!

where is my focus?

come to think about it, this really has changed several times over the years. when i started this blog, it was essentially a med school memoir; only during residency did i really begin to branch out [because i think i would have gone crazy thinking about work in the very few hours i had outside of it!]. there were other times [particularly towards a big race] that this blog became pretty running-centric. and there were were other times that i did fall squarely within the healthy living category.

now? i would say i write about . . .

happiness. productivity and focus [both at work and at home]. intentional living. organization. shopping finds. enjoying hobbies [including cooking + exploring the local restaurant scene]. gestating and preparing for life’s next big step.

and i’m okay with that!

if you have a blog, how would you categorize yourself?



workout: nada. just couldn’t do it . . .

asian takeout was the ONLY thing i could consider eating for dinner last night. and so, chai’s it was . . .

basil shrimp roll, mixed veg with tofu, and pad thai with shrimp

how that was the only palatable thing i could possibly imagine, i’m not sure . . . but it did hit the spot.

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