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September 19, 2011

honestly, it was a rough call weekend. i’m behind on life and SO looking forward to crawling in bed at 9 pm tonight [maybe 8:30]. i can only imagine how much more difficult things will be when baby SHU lives outside of my uterus someday! anyway. here are 2 things:

thing #1:
i swear on a stack of cooking light magazines that when i finish this post, I WILL MEAL PLAN AND MAKE A GROCERY LIST.

and then, for the rest of the week, i will actually follow through with my plans. how is what used to be SO easy currently such a challenge? [of note, sabrina wrote a great meal-planning post today. check it out!]

thing #2:
i currently have two patients with concerning labs results/concerning happenings. obviously i can’t go into details, but both cases have me worried, but are not very well defined as of yet [more testing is needed to see what is wrong, if anything]. as hard as i’ve tried to let the sets of parents know that they should not go into freak-out mode just yet . . . i think they all are. even though i would never have expressed it, i have to admit that sometimes in the past i used to be annoyed by this.

now — even though i am months and months away from actually being a real parent — i just GET IT more. the only being that i have to take care of right now is only 2 inches long, and at the moment his/her only requirements seem to be some of my energy, folic acid-containing vitamins, and cheese. yet still, i already care so much about his/her well-being. i would do anything to keep him/her safe. and i certainly wouldn’t be able to calm my worried if a doctor called me to tell me that something might be wrong — but we just need to do more tests.

so, yeah. i get it now. i get it now.

bonus thing #2.5: i busted out the home doppler again to celebrate my 12-week milestone. heart beat is still there!! just in case you were worried like i was.

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