behind schedule

September 25, 2011

but it’s sunday
i’m a little bit behind schedule this morning [i may have just spent 45 zoned-out minutes admiring/soaking up the pregnancy stylings on academichic] but i think i can still get everything done! after going through my giant box o’ maternity donations [courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law and her best friend], i ended up forgoing the mall in favor of just ordering a couple of little things from gap maternity + old navy.

obviously i won’t need tons of ‘bump room’ right away, but i think the drapey stylings will work now regardless. i’ve cleaned out my closet of ‘regular’ clothes and am left with only:

✔ 1 pair of magically stretchy jeans that i wear essentially every day that jeans are appropriate
✔ 3 pairs of work pants [1 requires banding and the other two will very soon!]
✔ a few looser t-shirts
✔ several life-saving cardigans

it’s crazy to look at the near-empty rack! but i’m in the process of washing and putting in some of the donated clothes that will work now — mainly pants at this point. i can’t believe how fortunate i am to have a sister-in-law that is pretty much the exact same size [her pants are even the right length!!] who has gone through 2 recent pregnancies.

to do today
in the midst of laundry-mania, i plan on a workout, grocery shopping/meal-planning, finishing up a presentation for monday [almost done] and PIE BAKING. currently i’m considering this old school martha recipe . . . wish me luck! i’m actually considering making 2: one to bring to a lab picnic and one for after dinner tonight [with friends].

sister act
happy bday to my sister [not in-law], yarn queen [check out her handiwork in this post!] and fellow fro-yo connoisseur, who turned 29 yesterday!

happy fro yo faces
we went out for korean at seoul garden, where our meal was wonderful but sadly unphotographed! bibimbap, bulgogi, rice cakes, seafood pancake, and a million cute little side dishes were all enjoyed [with plenty of leftovers]. we did manage to save room for self-serve froyo at skinny dip. there was even a yellow-cake cube topping — perfect for a bday! i didn’t really like the flavors they had all that much, but the topping bar was full of fun [think lots of candy options] and their plain tart yogurt was good.

okay, off to GET IT DONE! i’ve got pies to bake . . .


  • Reply @CPrincessUK March 10, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Oh you and your sister are so cute together! You look so alike! Will you continue to share maternity fashion with us too? I am still thinking about it but I will want to be stylish if and when it happens! haha!
    You are still looking stunning!

  • Reply Courtney March 10, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    I hope there’s room in that schedule for grey’s!!! ha
    Have a great Sunday!

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