i need a time management refresher

September 28, 2011

in my ideal world
i would only need to sleep 4 hours a night. that way, i would be able to:

♥ complete a leisurely [non-rushed] workout every morning
♥ cook a well-rounded dinner each night
♥ practice my spanish every day [yes we finally succumbed, although we got the previous version at a discount!]

♥ keep up with all of the fun fall tv
♥ read more novels [and baby-related literature]
♥ maintain a consistently clean apartment [instead of living a weekly cycle of clean –> mess –> clean from monday to sunday]
♥ have more of a weeknight social life

you know, in addition to blogging and going to work and all that jazz!

but alas:
i am a snoozer.

really, 8 hours is preferred and ever since pregnancy it’s more like 9. i am never able to convince myself that it would be better to stay up and do anything that isn’t absolutely essential or required if i’m ready to go to bed. and please, don’t lecture me on ‘well, when the baby comes . . . ‘ — i know. i realize. AND, i did manage to finish residency [30 hour shifts, 80 hour weeks, and chronic 4-5 am wake-up calls] so i have proof that i can survive sleep deprivation when necessary! when i have to, i can and will suck it up and manage.

but if i don’t have to . . . then i will always choose to sleep.

how to reconcile
as i see it, there are 3 options:

✔ attempt to cut sleep [and probably be miserable]

✔ just accept that i’m not going to get much done and be okay with it

✔ closely examine how i am spending my time to see if there are compromises to be made

as you might imagine, i’m choosing option #3. at least this morning! starting with today, i am going to take a cue from 168 hours and do a one-week time audit. i would love to come to some better compromises on managing my own time and energy levels, and this seems like the logical place to start!

i was inspired by an interesting article in this month’s whole living [sadly not online] entitled: it’s your time: how do you want to spend it? as well as gretchen rubin’s latest HP post on the joyous feeling of expectancy.

anyone else feeling in need of a time/energy management audit? feel free to join me!


9.27.11 bringin’ this section back! hopefully it will be motivating 🙂

workout: nada. i accidentally slept in and then could not move after work [typical pattern these days].

cooking also nada, BUT i did make this CL chicken gumbo the night before:

not pretty, but healthy + comforting
also: good with hot sauce!

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