September 13, 2011

price of the ‘three dog night’ at pink’s hot dogs in hollywood:

$7.95, not including the bills for your triple-bypass surgery down the road

[non-monetary] cost of LA trip: several fatigue- and hormone-induced meltdowns [seriously. i wouldn’t take me anywhere these days] and my LAST EVERRRR true vacation day in fellowship.

but still worth it, to catch up with wonderful old friends + to enjoy this look on josh’s face on receiving his [single] hot dog:

it wasn’t three dog night, but i think he was still a fan
value of hearing one tiny little 11-week heartbeat after spending many hours being paranoid:

. . . well, i think you get my drift. [and thank you to another amazing friend for understanding my paranoia and lending me your doppler!!!]

i’m home + about to pass out, so i guess that pacific time didn’t stick. back tomorrow!

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