week 13

September 27, 2011

i have to make this post quick because i accidentally slept 10 hours last night. um, oops?

OB report
yesterday, i had both my NT ultrasound and a regular OB appointment. both went well!! the details . . .

this was SO much fun! the tech spent quite a while with us, tilting me at different angles to get just the right shot of mr. or miss. 13-weeks. finally, she did get what she needed [images of the nuchal translucency and the nasal bones], but in the process we got to see him/her swimming around, kicking, and just generally being awesome. she also took a few 2D and 3D shots [presumably mostly just for fun!].

training for the rope climb
our preliminary NT measurement was 1.8 – 1.9 mm, which is in the low-risk category, so that helped me to breathe a sigh of relief. after the time with the tech, an OB came in to go over the preliminary results [i guess she had a chance to review the images for a few minutes first] and told us that everything looked good!

i was able to ask her paranoid questions, such as whether the holes in the head are NORMAL:

why yes, yes they are
josh loved seeing this too [was great that he got to come!] but may have made fun of my paranoia a little, suggesting that i could star in a portlandia skit [is it normal?] in lieu of the recent classic is it local?.