18 weeks + other things

October 31, 2011

ultrasound day!!
oh, and also halloween! if you haven’t been to google yet, check it out — it will make you smile.

anyway! so here we are at 18 weeks:

front & center
bump view
there is no question: i’m growing. and i think i’m in some kind of a spurt. i’m excited to see how much the babe has grown, too. while this ultrasound is a little less exciting due to the fact that we cheated and had our friend scan me early [so josh could be there!], i’m looking forward to either confirmation [of XX status] or yet another paradigm shift — although i would be very thrilled about a boy, too, as that was what i originally thought i was having [for no real reason, but still].

josh will be in surgery, so i’m planning to call the OR with the news [or non-news, really]. ahhh!!

my call weekend turned out to be one of the easy ones — just one admission, and a smattering of calls but nothing crazy. to be honest, i would say that 75% of my call weekends are decent like this, but the ones that are bad can be BAD. i was able to plow through all of yesterday’s list, including a chore i had been putting off forever:

an inventory of the pantry.

here’s the problematic pattern:

step 1: buy canned or packaged ingredient for planned dinner OR impulsive quick meal/snack item
step 2: change plans, not use ingredient OR lose craving for above impulsive quick meal/snack item
step 3: forget about item until it expires in the back of the overly crowded pantry

cans of soup, grains, beans, noodle bowls, curry sauces — you name it, they’ve all ended up languishing in this fashion. the corollary of this pantry problem is buying duplicates — because there’s so much in there, i forget what i do have and end up buying an extra cornstarch/sugar/baking soda/panko bread crumbs/etc, which just makes things worse.

NO MORE! armed with a list [i’m keeping it handy near my cooking magazines + grocery-list-making materials], this is at least somewhat less likely to happen. i’m not going to update it all the time, but i’ll try to cross off items as i use them up. yeah, there’s probably an app for that, but the list is already a huge step forward for me!

josh had a rough call weekend, and i . . . well, fine, i didn’t. but it’s cold and we have bamboo floors and we decided that WHAT WOULD BE BETTER than fluffy, fuzzy, fur-lined slippers?

MATCHING fluffy, fuzzy, fur-lined slippers!

these may be my first adult ll bean purchase ever
and now you know our shoe sizes.

a bit of a splurge, but we are both way too excited to put these on. and no, they do NOT carry a baby version.

some other companies do, however
[although admittedly $50 for shoes baby might wear for 3 months and doesn’t need anyway is a little over the top. i think i’ll stick with the tiny toms.]

and i’m off
. . . to do spanish + get in a workout pre-ultrasound! happy halloween . . .



workout: 4.1 mi in 43:something – 10:28/mi. either i’m slowing a bit more already, or i was just in a very relaxed mood yesterday. the craziest part? I REALLY DON’T CARE! i am tracking my speed because i like tracking distance. of note, i’m contemplating a thanksgiving day turkey trot! i thought it was a 5K, but apparently it’s an 8K, so now i’m not as sure. but maybe i would do it as a walk/run. [NOT racing obviously — i just think it would be festive + fun + make me feel good! thoughts?]

classic fall fare
inspired by the latest issue of CL, i chose this “dinner tonight” menu of crispy pork medallions + roasted root vegetables.



i need a food stylist + photographer, stat
still — FAIRLY true to the original, right? plus, i added ketchup [for me, a must if the plate contains any hint of potato], so . . . bonus. it came together very easily, and josh and i both liked this fairly traditional meal a lot.