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October 17, 2011

much better
yesterday felt much better than saturday. it a lovely weekend day that was neither rushed nor empty. the house is in decent shape, we have leftovers in the fridge, and i got to:

✰ go on a fabulous ‘long run’ [what? 4 miles is long compared to 3!] in gorgeous fall weather

sort of in love with durham these days
i hit the durham side of the tobacco trail and then finished my run up at the finish line of this half marathon that ran straight through our neighborhood! i spotted sara [who rocked her first half!] but couldn’t find my friend k. of note, i’ve decided i want to run this next october. guess we’ll see . . .

✰ get a pedicure [with k deserved it after a 13.1 mile workout

✰ drag k to loyo where we met up with josh who got to finally leave the hospital

the best ever pumpkin frozen yogurt. with ginger snaps and whipped cream. locals: get some now!!
✰ have an ultrasound. on sunday evening.

the big reveal?
so, being a physician certainly has its drawbacks, especially in the residency/fellowship years. lame hours, unimpressive hourly wages [again: as a resident/fellow], emergent demands, and plenty of stress in various situations.

however, there are just a few advantages.

for example, you could casually head into the hospital wearing your old scrubs [to look the part] so that your wonderful OBGYN friend can give you an ultrasound just so your husband can be there [of note, it’s the whole doctor thing that will NOT allow him to be there at my official anatomy scan.]

dr. s — more commonly mentioned on this blog in the context of him [and girlfriend k] cooking some sumptuous meal — invited us to the OB suite last night while he was on call. i brought him pumpkin pasta; he showed us a heart with 4 chambers, an intact diaphragm, a normally developing brain and spine, cute arms/legs/fingers, and . . .

girl parts.


for some reason, i’m shocked! i have been expecting to hear ‘it’s a boy!’ for months now. initially, i think it was because that option scared me a little bit more and i needed to prepare myself, but then i started to REALLY get into the idea of a boy. we even had some cute boy names picked out and i called the baby ‘him’ when we referred to uh, her.

so, a surprise, though i know the odds were always 50/50! in truth, the moment i heard him say girl i realized how much i DIDN’T CARE, as long as it was healthy. so clichéd, but so true.

admittedly, it does jive better with my overwhelming urge to get this kid tiny toms with silver sparkles. although i’m sure baby boy could have rocked them in his own way.



workout: 4.1 miles in 41 minutes, mostly on the tobacco trail + [very easy + relaxing] prenatal yoga class

pumpkin penne i made this rachael ray recipe ages ago and remembered how good it was when i started browsing online for pumpkin pasta.

made with whole wheat pasta + chicken sausage with rosemary instead of sage
i substituted based on some things we had on hand, but i think it worked! and i know dr. s appreciated his dinner delivery.

spanish + endo: back to it today!

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