new month: november goal

November 1, 2011

not goalS
maybe i’m finally getting it: one change at a time works better. thanks, leo. [although did anyone else get upset about the fact that he just admitted that HE DOES NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! i wonder if that means his 6 kids are also uninsured?! either way, i find that irresponsible, and just — not the right decision. and i have to admit i’m a little disappointed. all of the healthy habits in the world are no guarantee against expensive health problems, and while he is quite successful i’m not sure the means are there for him to pay out of pocket what could amount to millions in a bad situation. and then what!? okay, off my soapbox!]

last month i actually set out to do two little things: practice spanish daily [15 minutes of rosetta stone] + read my endo text after work [at least 20 minutes/day]. the mythical ’21 days to form a habit!’ gospel may not in actuality be true [this article suggests it depends on how challenging the habit is, which makes sense] but hey — it’s been 21 days since i started my little plan and i’m happy to have made it this far!

so what next?

i was considering working on better housekeeping [ie: cleaning for 10-15 minutes/day], but i think i’ll save that for next month since we’ll be in a new apartment [motivating!]. instead, i would like to do something simple and maybe a little weird:

i would like to count to 3 and just center myself every time my pager goes off.

that’s it.

like it or not, while i am excited to be going on service [YAY clinical work!!], i still get stressed out by this beeping machine. i hear it and get a little heart rate surge; a bit of adrenaline. if it goes off at 4:57 pm, i grab it breathlessly hoping NOT to see “new diabetic in the ED, please call xxx-3321” [i have NOTHING against new diabetics at all — it’s just a very time consuming process to meet a family for the first time and start teaching and i have to admit i’m not always excited to go through all that at the end of the day when i still have notes to write + other things to do].

so: my november goal is to just hear the beep, pause, and breathe. maybe by the end of the month i’ll be able to untrain my previous ‘AHHHH!’ response and get the sound to instead bring on a feeling of peace and gratitude for being in the position to help others. it might take more than 21 days, but i’m going to give it a shot!

baby update!
so YES, i had my halloween ultrasound yesterday! and for those of you who didn’t catch it on twitter, baby girl did NOT grow boy parts over the past 2 weeks. she is still a she! what i did get to find out:

— she is developing normally!
— her measurements are right on target. head’s a little bigger; legs a little shorter, comparatively.

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