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November 10, 2011

until thanksgiving!
time seems to be flying by these days! i am excited for this, because:

✰ i get 1 [possibly 2] days off!! given that i have 0 vacation days at my disposal, holidays take on a new meaning. [and ‘holiday’ isn’t necessarily a given — i’m working christmas. but that’s ok.]

✰ josh and i are staying in NC. he’s working during the day, but i’m planning to work on making the thanksgiving feast with dr. s + k, and then josh will join us. while this is a little sad [usually we make it to miami or do some sort of philly/miami combo], i’m looking forward to just having that time together. it’s sadly scarce these days.

✰ morning preggo 5K! dr. s. said he’d stuff the thawing turkey under his shirt to help even the score.

✰ THE FOOD. i am planning to be on pie duty [i’m thinking classic pumpkin + pecan, but the idea of pumpkin cheesecake is also sounding pretty awesome]. i might need to practice another crust before the big event . . .

not bad, but i think i can improve on the edges!
✰ there’s just so much to be thankful for.

a few things that i am thankful for
small . . .

♥ technology. sometimes when i use my iphone i just can’t believe we have handheld devices that enable us to look up anything, connect with anyone, and pull ‘messages’ out of the air! as someone who was completely in awe of her panasonic boom box growing up [that baby WAS pink and aqua and generally aweome], it’s kind of an amazing progression. i can’t even imagine what will be next.

♥ good books and time to read. for now, anyway. perhaps this will become a thing of the past, but i am determined to enjoy it while i can! i’m thisclose to finishing with ender’s game and i loved it! it’s probably the first sci-fi that i’ve read in a decade, but maybe josh will convince me to read more.

♥ the slippers we bought recently: seriously, these have made my life significantly better.

furry deliciousness
and large:

♥ all of this. so, SO thankful.

♥ family!! even though i will miss them this year, we have visits planned for the next couple of months! i can’t wait to turn my parents into grandparents [i know they will be amazing] and add grandchild #5 to josh’s side [yeah, we’re last even though he’s the oldest.]

♥ amazing friends that make NC a true home for us. i can’t believe we’ve lived here almost 9.5 years!

♥ having enough [more than enough] of everything anyone could need. honestly, it’s almost ridiculous and not fair. i want to start sponsoring a child [i mentioned this before] so that we can help someone else who needs it as we raise our own. does anyone have experience with children international? ideally, i would like an organization that is not tied to any specific religion.



workout: nada — rest day

cooking: leftovers! i put off the planned chicken tikka masala until tonight. already looking forward to it . . .

español: check. and thanks kristina for the ‘la laptop’ advice! “ordenador portatil” definitely sounds more legit [and reminds me of the french ‘ordinateur‘. makes me worry about some of the rest of the translations . . .

endo: finished journal club presentation. whew. i don’t mind reading when i get home but working on an obligatory assignment is admittedly less fun.

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