resolutions 2012 [part 3]

December 28, 2011

so much to look forward to
2012 is going to be big.

[so is 2013 for that matter — finishing fellowship and moving and getting what i HOPE will be my first big girl grown up doctor job – ahh!].

i am looking forward to so many exciting things in the new year — from kick-off massages [yes, josh wanted one too!] . . .

. . . to certain circumstances that will probably ensure that we will never get massages together again:

my apologies for the recycled post-run pic — i need to showcase my giant fundus in some non-running gear soon
and even though i’m NOT starting a new planner [sad!], i am dorkily* looking forward to the fresh start that invariably comes with a new year. all of the magazine covers are clean and white and for once i’m not the only one making obsessive-looking lists and schemes to improve life.

the funny thing is that for once i’m not planning on starting off with 18 or even 6 new year’s resolutions [i had 6 last year]. instead, i’m taking a cue from unclutterer and going monthly this year!

this serves two purposes:

✔ i believe i will be able to focus much better on just one new goal at a time

✔ there is going to be so much change in my life this year that i’m not sure which resolutions are going to apply down the road!

i have tentative ideas for each month [coming up in a later post], but i am also keeping things open to change.

what are your resolutions this year? and if you’ve blogged about them, post the link! some people get sick of all of the ‘new year!’ posts, but i find reading other people’s lists of goals completely fascinating.

* if dorkily is not a word, it should be.



workout: 30 minute jog on the treadmill at 5.5 miles/hr and 1% incline. interestingly i tend to be [marginally] faster outside these days, probably because the downhills provide a much-needed break.

i’m sorry, baby because i did NOT eat the way a pregnant woman is supposed to yesterday [ie, vegetables / vitamins / nutrients]. but it just felt right.

plus yogurt pretzels, an apple, and string cheese
dinner of champions.

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