2012: we made it!

January 1, 2012


just looking at that date makes me feel fresh, clean + ready for anything
2012 is here! and i’m ready. not to disparage 2011, but it was sort of a mixed bag. of course, wonderful things ended up happening around here, but it was not the smoothest of rides.
i’m not expecting a bumpless journey this year either, but it will be an exciting adventure, no doubt!

i’m geared up for this month’s resolution, which is simply to spend less time wandering around on the internet. specifically, i’m aiming for less than an hour on weekends and under 30 minutes on weekdays. as usual, i’ve devised a [paper] tracking system which i’ll share at the end of the week when it’s filled in. i am looking forward to reclaiming this time in my life to use for . . . well, not exactly sure what yet, but OTHER THINGS.

ringing it in
last night was certainly not the first new year’s eve where i was fast asleep before midnight — but it was probably the first in a LONG time where champagne consumption had nothing to do with it. josh and i had plans to attend a party some friends were holding, but we wanted to cook a fancy dinner first.

our fancy beverages . . . can you guess which is mine?
one of these shots illustrates how i feel about that:

but even i’m not sure which one.
i MIGHT have had an ounce or two [less than 1/2 a glass] of the real stuff as well [hey, recent evidence backs me up here]. pretty sure baby girl did not mind.

josh wanted steak diane, so i put him in charge of making it! i think this may have been his first and last cooking experience in 2011 . . .

but despite the lack of recent practice, i think he did an excellent job.

perfectly-cooked beef tenderloin steak drenched in luscious sauce + served with asparagus
this intimate feast was the perfect ending to the year — although we sadly never made it out to our party!

maybe next year.

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