January 13, 2012

yesterday was fine, despite my trepidations. and now — due to a 3-day weekend, a clinic, and a quasi-job-interview [pre-interview?], i get 5 whole days off of the pager! YESSS.

at the end of the day, i rewarded myself with some of this:

i really hope i pass my gestational diabetes test next week . . .
portlandia is coming to durham!!! i bought tickets the second i saw this.

put a bird on it
ideally, i would like to do yoga, organize our apartment, and do [necessary] laundry today — in addition to diabetes clinic and a work dinner tonight. we’ll see how things go.

we’re off to miami tomorrow — yes again. this time, it’s for a fun reason — a baby shower!

the only way i like winter

+ some friday link love
✔ i am newly motivated by caroline’s beautiful meal-planning post! this week was an example of what happens when there are no plans, food-wise. and it reminded me of why it’s so much better to do it!

✔ if i had different resolutions this year, i would be all over the declutter & organize calendar i read about on chelsea‘s blog. check it out if you are looking to whip your surroundings into shape!

zenhabits advice on dealing with clutter. our apartment is currently getting slowly filled up with baby-related . . . stuff and i’m already looking to streamline. of course, i want to have the essentials but i want to avoid excess and also have it all organized in some fashion. hmmm.

✔ congratulations to heather @ SoS on her new bundle!

okay, 30 minutes of pre-work yoga starts . . .

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