what a week

January 27, 2012

by the numbers

workouts for the week: 1, so far.

nights with page-free sleep: 1, i think. and it was glorious.

to-do items in my planner for the week: 8

percentage completed: 0%

proper meals cooked: 0

plans are not necessarily reality
pages answered: many

estrogen level: high and still climbing

moodiness quotient: also extremely high. and likely related.

minutes spent online ogling baby-related items: too many

i really tried not to play the waiting game this week, but i will be completely honest: i STRUGGLED to get through it. thankfully i get to sign off of the pager in 54 minutes [i have clinic today, which is much more fun!] and will have a very peaceful weekend to relax and recover. and check off a few of those neglected boxes . . .

happy #(*$&@# friday!

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