coming up roses

February 15, 2012

the usual morning scene . . .
with an upgrade!

these flowers were one of two bouquets that josh managed to surprise me with yesterday! this would be sweet under normal circumstances, but yesterday it meant even more: that he was able to independently get out the door and drive — a first since his accident/surgery 18 days ago!

flowers on my desk. delicious see’s chocolate in the kitchen [thanks mom + dad!!]. and both our cleaning service AND the crib are supposed to be coming today!!

i really can’t complain about anything right now.

v-day traditions
then — throughout childhood, my sister and i woke up every february 14th to an elaborately-staged treasure hunt orchestrated by my father. we would run to our parent’s bedroom to receive the first clue, and would RACE off from there, dashing around the house in attempt to solve the mystery and find the “treasure” [always chocolate — some things have not changed!]. sometimes the clues rhymed, and as we got older things became more challenging [i think one year the clues were in french!?]. i 100% want to carry this tradition on to our kid[s] someday!

now — josh and i like to keep things fairly simple. brie, champagne, and strawberries, followed by french toast. this year, there were no bubbles . . . but i am guessing they will return in 2013 [unless i’m pregnant again. hey, you never know!].

in the past, there have definitely been times that we never made it past the champagne [heh]. but this year, french toast was made — and eaten — with gusto!

we used a decadent cook’s illustrated recipe
served with yogurt, strawberries, and copious amounts of [real] maple syrup.

and then we watched this:

you know, just gearing up. i had seen it before in a completely different state of mind [ie: in the midst of infertility frustration, as a form of self-torture . . . ] but it was a million times better this time around.

links + tidbits
★ a few of you wanted details on this notebook from yesterday:

it’s a rhodia classic meeting book, and i love it for notes at conferences/seminars/meetings. i have the smaller A5 size so it’s not too much of a burden in my bag. i bought mine locally at morgan imports, but here’s an online option as well.

★ interesting article about distraction in the workplace by study hacks

★ apparently there are plenty of iPhone apps for new parents! though i’m not that into apps in general [i do love my iPhone but use it mostly as a phone/music/internet device], i may check some of these out.

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