happy things [little + big]

February 12, 2012

waking up bright and early without an alarm, ready for action!

quintessential sunday list
always having a massage to look forward to, even if it’s weeks [or months] away

[and discovering a great salon just 2 blocks away]
figuring out some effective shortcut meals

frozen brown rice + simmer sauce = good + relatively healthy dinner in 15 minutes.
discovering that this exists:
orla baby books!!! AHHHH!

also fantastic:
✔ josh making it out to brunch yesterday — including up and down stairs on crutches — without incident or pain crisis! [it was his first trip out of the house in a week]. i think he is on the road to recovery.

✔ knowing that the apartment could use some deeper cleaning, BUUUUUUT also knowing that someone is coming to do that on wednesday. someone that isn’t me!!

✔ great family health news from FL! ♥

✔ seeing some of the pregnant bloggers that i’ve been following just a few weeks ahead of me approach or hit term, or even have their babies!!

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