dietary day in the life: 3rd tri edition

March 7, 2012

packing it in
here you go: the 4th and final installment to demonstrate my version of eating for 2 [fine, 1.15 or whatever].

the first 3
first tri

early 2nd tri

mid 2nd tri

insulating the baby
oddly, i was probably hungriest in the first few weeks of pregnancy when the embryo resembled a speck of dust. however, the third trimester is when the baby has her most rapid growth — and therefore when caloric needs are supposed to be highest! getting in enough can be challenging especially if the baby has parked herself in previous stomach territory, but i’m happy to report that this has actually improved for me in the last couple of weeks.

cravings/aversions are a thing of the past. i would say i’m just eating lots of normal things, with a little more dessert than i would normally! ehh, it’s for the baby’s growth and insulation. right? hopefully.

6:30 am [yeah, i slept in]: the usual.

ezekiel english muffin / sunflower butter / berries / decaf espresso

11 am kind of an early lunch — i went for a run after breakfast and ended up working from home for a bit.

amy’s spinach/tofu wrap + apple
11:45 piece of see’s on my way out the door.

3 pm: during conference @ work

6:30 pm: before cooking dinner

pimento cheese dip + crackers

7:45 pm: dinner! this was chicken shawarma from this month’s eating well mag.

loved the cucumber and tahini-based sauce
8:30 pm: dessert = leftover banana pudding!

not so photogenic, but delicious

the next phase?
the interesting thing is that from what i’ve read, the amount of fuel needed for breastfeeding is similar to that in pregnancy — if not a bit higher. so i guess i won’t be ditching the ice cream / etc any time soon . . . and i’m not exactly complaining 🙂 i will be excited for the occasional glass of wine or beer to make its reappearance, though!

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