worth a shot

March 23, 2012

dear sweet baby,

don’t you think today would be a fantastic day to start making your way out? i realize that theoretically you still have a week and change before you’re officially ‘due’ to make your grand entrance, but personally i think you could hack it in the outside world at this point — if you’re ready, of course. neither your father nor i are really in the mood to take call this weekend, which is what our schedules are currently dictating. getting to meet YOU on the outside would be so much better! i realize that it’s all going to hurt a lot and that i would get far more sleep taking endocrine pages, but i don’t mind at all — i am just so ready for your arrival.

squirm enough, and perhaps that lovely bag of fluid you’re floating in will start to weaken. and even if you’ve inherited my sense of direction [so so sorry if that is the case!], i think you would be able to find the exit: it’s right by your head.

i know that taking this big step is scary, but i promise that when you emerge we will keep you warm and safe and i will offer you an all-you-can-eat drink buffet — although provisions may be a little low at the very start. i already love you so much!

see you soon?!


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