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April 18, 2012

feeling pretty accomplished at the moment
. . . because i soothed annabel to sleep and thus far have folded laundry, eaten lunch, and caught up on email — all while josh has been out of the house! he’s been on paternity leave [ie: using up his vacation] for the past two weeks and it has been heavenly. he has been in charge of cooking, errands, cleanup, and plays baby whisperer when i give up at on lulling annabel to sleep after the 5th cluster feed in a row. but for the next few days, i’ll be on my own until my parents arrive for a week of visitation and freezer-stocking courtesy of my mom.

the good news is that i’m learning more every day about how to maximize time/energy with a tiny one at home. and luckily, josh doesn’t start with terribly brutal hours until may 1. still, i’ll miss having dinners like these just sort of put in front of me each night!

fettucine bolognese made with carrots, tomatoes, and ground pork
[i’d link to the recipe but i don’t know which one the chef used!]

the planner still stands
just in case anyone was wondering, the planner is still being used and is highly necessary. even though my lists are quite short these days, it feels good to start each day with at least some sort of vague goal. today, for example, all i really want to do is the laundry + make sure annabel gets a bath. [a shower for me will be bonus!]

i’m also using the daily slots to make sure i don’t forget her daily vitamin D — it’s definitely not part of the routine yet, and i don’t want to miss it!

thanks for your recs
re: treadmills + caffeine on yesterday’s post! i think i may try to do some treadmill shopping while my parents are here, if we can figure out how to make that work with annabel! i do want to get a good machine that a) feels nice and cushy but sturdy while running and b) is as quiet as possible. if you have had good luck with a particular brand and didn’t mention it yet, i’d love to hear your experiences. right now i’m leaning towards either a TRUE or a spirit machine based on consumer reports and what i’ve read on the runner’s world forums.

pix from the day
this one is for my parents who used to take yearly pictures of me as a toddler/child in front of a similar flowered bush [forsythia?]. excuse the fact that the angle makes my head look gigantic – it was the only way josh could get annabel and the blooms in the same pic!

trying out the ERGO:

she’s not sure what she thinks about it yet . . .

this look is PURE baby josh, by the way . . .
but i am a huge fan! comfortable + snuggly, plus hands-free. we’ll have to keep working on it!

all right, the laundry calls . . . and if this nap happens to last, perhaps an episode of glee! [i’m very behind!]

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