a number of goals

April 28, 2012
to be expanded upon in the future . . .

running related
as i mentioned previously, i’m ready to get back into some sort of running shape.  even though my first love is longer distances, for time and breastfeeding reasons i’m going to start by focusing on speed [ <– well, relative speed] with the goal of working up to a midsummer 5K race.  i’m sure i won’t PR, but it will at least be a starting point!

but before i dive headfirst into speedwork, i need to first be able to, you know, run for a half hour straight!  i am planning on using the ‘fitness’ plans from daniels running formula to ramp back up.  i’ll be doing some run/walk intervals [though more run than walk] to start out, which makes sense since that’s what i was doing for the last few months of pregnancy, anyway.

✔ monthly date night
to begin [officially] in may.  on thursday, i pumped and josh gave annabel her first bottle.

i have to admit i was actually a little hurt [fine . . . i had tears in my eyes for a moment] when she downed it without hesitation.  but it does mean there’s nothing to stop us from taking a night off at some point!  i already have our first babysitter [my sister!] lined up for our anniversary at the end of may.
✔ baby outings

i have almost 9 weeks left of maternity leave!  i know it’s going to go incredibly quickly, and i’d like to use it to full advantage.  two things i’d love to do with my baby time [other than just hang out with her / snuggle / etc] include an infant massage class and mama/baby yoga.  getting both of them on the calendar soon!

finding my new mom look that doesn’t scream . . . well, ‘NEW MOM!’
part 1:  finding a spare weekend morning to get my hair straightened.  i can’t wait!!

part 2:  wardrobe.

i’m hoping that within the coming weeks [months?] i’ll start to have more than one pair of jeans that fit to choose from.  [not complaining — at least i have the one!  and as i’m essentially at my pre-preg weight i am just sort of waiting for things to . . . redistribute. hoping that exercise — and time — will help].

however, i’m anticipating a bit of a situation when it comes to most of my tops.  it’s still early yet, but in a few weeks i’m going to have to bite the bullet and do a little bit of interim shopping.  obviously this isn’t TOP priority, but i still think it’s a good idea — in part for my own self-esteem.

“really?  fun??”
from thursday’s comments:

“Really? Fun?? I love my kids (my daughters are 2 and 4 now), but the best part about the newborn stage for me was that it ended 🙂 It’s OK to say taking care of a baby is tough. I find so many new mom blogs so unrealistic, it’s like people are afraid to say anything negative for fear that they’ll be criticized.”

i wanted to repost this because i think the commenter brings up an interesting and valuable point.  i also think it’s important for me to remember her words if things become much more difficult in a few months [or weeks . . .or days].  plus, it’s wonderful to hear this perspective from someone with two children who are still young!  to me, having a 2 and 4 year old sounds like it would be much more difficult than what i am doing right now.

my response:

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i have to say that yeah — it really HAS been fun! but i’m 100% aware that is because so far, i have been very lucky and just don’t have a terribly fussy/high-maintenance baby. i usually get to get enough sleep [7 – 8 hours/night though of course it’s broken up into pieces!] and it’s actually been really refreshing to just hang out and not think about work and just focus on her.  really, i’m living a very chill life right now.

things i am sure are SO much more challenging when caring for a baby AND an older child! plus, i think things are going to be much [much] harder for me when i go back to work and have SO much more to juggle.

right now, things really are that good. and fun. but i can absolutely imagine how they could change or be VERY different under other circumstances.