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April 1, 2012

habit & predictability
first off: for the record, i’m not in labor! and there are are no signs of impending labor. i realize these things can change in an instant sometimes, but as of now all’s quiet on the uhh . . . southern front.

unfortunately not one of my virtues. but no one is pregnant forever!
i just woke up a funky fatigued mess yesterday and couldn’t think of anything to post other than whining + complaining . . . so i didn’t. thankfully, i’m feeling somewhat better this morning.

second: i said it last year on 4/1 and i’ll say it again: i am just not a fan of april fools’ day. i don’t like fooling people, and i don’t really like to be fooled! last year, the worst were the fake ultrasound pictures on facebook — at 2.25 years into my TTC journey i will just say i was in no mood.

so, as ready as i feel, i’m actually a little bit glad i didn’t go into labor yesterday or the day before, because i didn’t really want to saddle my firstborn with a 4/1 entrance into the world [although perhaps having this birthday would actually make one IMMUNE to pranks + tricks? anyone celebrating their bday today, feel free to let me know!].

third: i think my thought process on the morning of april 1st must go like this:

april –> summer

summer –> new sandals!

because just like last 4/1, i have a pair of clompers on the brain:

diamond-sliced wedges, $198
i realize that they are $$$ and look like something out of the hunger games, but something keeps bringing me back to admire them again and again.

and when i look wistfully at my #1 object of affection last april [same BRAND even!]:

look through wedges – sadly no longer available
. . . it just makes me want them more.

these huarache wedges may look a little more practical, but walking around in 5″ heels carrying an infant just seems irresponsible.

it would be fun to be 5’6″, though!
as i mentioned, i didn’t feel so great saturday and therefore spent most of the day:

a) feeling sorry for myself and incredibly impatient


b) attempting to distract, distract, distract!

we ended up seeing the latest blockbuster:

i have to admit it WAS pretty captivating, and i thought the acting was decent — but i just didn’t love it. my apologies to all of the superfans out there! in some ways, i actually found it fairly torturous to watch because the concept disturbed me so much, to the point that i just wanted it to be OVER. yet the depth just wasn’t there for me to make my discomfort feel worth it! [perhaps it’s the overly sensitive pregnant brain effect — case in point, i SOBBED while watching time-traveler’s wife on friday night].

looking for a much [much] lighter distraction we stopped at the bookstore and i brought home this book:

my sister-in-law is french and has two daughters, so i am particularly curious to read this! i also picked up tina fey’s bossypants, which is quite entertaining so far. [by the way, i finally finished 1Q84 and am just so sad it’s over! loved it.]

plans are to avoid getting tricked, clean up the apartment, relax, and prepare for the next week with the assumption that labor is days away. apparently ‘due date’ = a foolish concept!

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