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May 21, 2012
32 =

3 desserts, 2 people.

cheesecake with peaches; key lime pie; extremely rich chocolate torte from francesca’s

there was no birthday cake yesterday, but josh knows that i’d rather eat pie [or cheesecake, or brownies, or ice cream . . .] than a traditional birthday cake any day — including on may 20.  whipped cream > frosting, obviously, plus the flavors are so much more fun.

admittedly, it was a rather quiet birthday and i’m not going to deny that i had a few feelings of loneliness.  i had sort of counted on josh getting out of work at a reasonable hour to spend time with me, and it didn’t happen.  it absolutely wasn’t his fault and i’m grateful that he made it home when he did [8 pm!].  but during the day i found myself wishing i’d made plans — you know, with someone other than a 6.5 week old.

life lately
annabel is still a joy.  she really is an easy baby as babies go.  doing little things with and for her — brushing her hair, tummy time, even feeding — is so much fun, especially when she rewards me with her heart-melting smile!  this time with her is a treasure, and i’m thankful for it every day.  in addition,  i realize that i’m lucky to have uninterrupted time to work out almost every day, and she is happy to just sit and watch while i prep dinner.  while she isn’t so into going to bed early, she does just fine at night.

her daily workout


i am JUST starting to feel a little bit isolated.  we attended a few minutes of a work party on saturday evening, and it was just enough to really whet my appetite for some social time.  a true extrovert at heart, i thrive on human interaction both at work and at play.  i’m not saying that i’m anxious to return to work ASAP [and i realize it’s going to incredibly hectic and challenging, especially at the start!], but now is the first time i’m realizing that i do think it will be the right balance for me. 

honestly, this is a good thing.  as i geared up for this time off — the first such stretch since before med school began — a tiny part of me was afraid that i would fall in love with the SAHM lifestyle and . . .well, THEN what would i do with the approximately 10 years of post-college training i’ve put into my pediatric endocrine career!?  luckily, i am now confident that this will be a non-issue.  i would love to find a part-time position someday, and it may take some time to figure out exactly the right mix — but home 24/7 is not in the cards for me.

on a lighter note . . .

birthday gift from me to me:
porchstripe streetside sandal at madewell

 i haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but i’m about to!


5.20.12 i’m bringing back this section!  i like having a place to share meal ideas, and i have to admit it’s kind of motivating on my end 🙂

workout – 4.35 mi in 45 minutes on the TM —
     10 minutes @ 10:00/mi
     5 30-second pickups at 8:20 – 8:35/mi with 1 minute slow jogs between each
     10 minutes @ 10:00/mi
     5 30-second pickups at 8:20 – 8:35/mi with 1 minute slow jogs between each
     10 minutes @ 10:00/mi

dinner – easy classic.  terrible iPhone photo.

roasted salmon with maple/mustard rub, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli

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