habits / may goals at the halfway point

May 15, 2012

combining the old and the new
what can i say — old habits die hard.  even with a drastically different lifestyle, i still plan my workouts and dinners weekly.

from last week
while it’s definitely more challenging to check these boxes off these days, i feel extra-triumphant when i do manage to make things work.  and because i’ve been blessed with a fairly predictable napper, overall things have gone well!
may goal #1:  workouts
i get my run [or shred!] in when i can, typically during her morning nap.  thus far i’ve been able to stick to my goal of 4 runs/week and 2 strength sessions.  it’s interesting how motivating it is for me to to just GET THINGS DONE when i know i may not get another chance.  if the opportunity presents itself, i get started immediately and for the most part i’ve gotten to finish what i’ve started.  
and there’s been some progress!  i ran 3 miles with my sister-in-law outside on saturday, and it went fabulously! and yesterday represented a huge PR workout — 4.3 miles on the treadmill in 44 minutes!  there were some stride intervals at the end, but for the most part i ran at a 10:00/mi pace.  i’m coming back . . . slowly but surely.

may goal #2:  diversifying in the kitchen
i’m doing okay at this one, although my breakfasts and snacks are still pretty monotonous.  still, by cooking dinners and relying on leftovers for lunch, i’m definitely getting in a bit more variety than i had been.  from this week:

real simple’s coconut, shrimp + corn chowder – super easy!
i LOVED this vietnamese-inspired pork salad inspired by my new cookbook‘s recipe for sweet pork lettuce wraps

 [if you’re interested, it was basically a base of romaine, shredded carrots and julienned cucumber plus ground pork dressed up with brown sugar, chinese 5-spice, and soy sauce.  then, all this was topped with a sweet lime/soy dressing and crushed peanuts.  delicious.]

may goal #3:  projects
there were 3: organizing my closet, working on a photobook, and returning the maternity clothes i had borrowed.  basically, i’ve accomplished none of these [although my cousin is moving to miami and has offered to drive the clothes back with her when she moves — sweet!].

luckily, there are still 2 weeks left.  and these projects aren’t quite as critical as . . . well, this.

this face says “really, mom . . . really?”

 ahh, i hear stirring . . . happy tuesday!

getting my hair straightened tomorrow!!!!  so excited!

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