June 24, 2012

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m going to be home in about 12 hours or because I’ve gotten a bit more used to being away, but I feel much better today. To elaborate (in list format, as it’s much easier on the phone):

1. I feel a little more confident about pumping, which is perhaps a good side effect of this trip. I’m not sure if I was 100% able to match what A has imbibed so far, but if not it’s quite close. Obviously the pumping itself was annoying, but it’s sort of cool to see it all accumulate (evidence below).

2. Annabel is having a FANTASTIC time with her grandparents and I think they are having a blast, too. Knowing that leaving her briefly does not lead to catastrophe is probably a healthy realization for me.

3. I have decided I was probably wrong about that whole ‘Baby?’ scenario and I was perhaps in a slightly psycho mood at the time which may have impacted my interpretation and reaction. I do not have abs of steel but do not look pregnant. And you all are right- I need to calm down and just stop thinking so much about that sort of thing.

4. I’m actually really enjoying going to talks and looking forward to presenting my poster in a couple of hours. Perhaps this was actually good timing-wise, to get me jazzed up for the back-to-work transition looming next week (Thursday!). If Josh and Annabel had been able to come along, I would have liked to stay longer.

5. Going out to dinner last night was really fun. I will look forward to Josh having an easier schedule in August and September so that I can schedule some girls nights out!

This gallery pretty much sums up the trip … although I want to get a nerd shot with my poster today 🙂