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June 2, 2012
good morning
i have to say, being greeted in the AM with a smile like this one is awesome.  a beautiful reminder of how much of a gift it is just to wake up each day.
quick post this AM
because i want to get my shred on and i have no idea how long a’s nap will last.  her patterns are still quite unpredictable, but i’m told that at 12 weeks or so she will fall into a routine.  she’ll also be in day care, so i have no doubt that will impact her rhythms significantly.
i’m trying not to stress out too much about routine for this reason — but i have to admit it’s hard!  since i’ll be headed back to work in less than 4 weeks, i’ve been putting a lot of thought into how i will structure my day to fit in . . . well, the essentials.  for me, these include some running/exercise, a certain minimum of home management [ie: laundry, dishes], enough cooking to allow us to eat decently, and plenty of annabel time.   i have no doubt that this will be a serious challenge.
i’m working at getting our bedtime routine straight — and i think we’re making some progress.  i put annabel down at 7:20 and after just 3 or 4 false starts she was sleeping by 8:20.  i’ll take what i can get . . .
bathtime = an integral part of said routine.  she likes it . . .
and now i’ve posted bath pictures of our daughter on the internet.  hopefully she won’t mind!
bebe + poppy, continued
the rest of the visit went swimmingly.  we spent a lot of time just doing this:
ps: happy birthday poppy!
and despite the lack of post yesterday, i did survive our dinner outing [at rue cler] on thursday night.  annabel actually ended up sleeping in her stroller/car seat the whole time, and i went wild and enjoyed half a glass of sauvignon blanc.  
however.  i have to say that i couldn’t really relax.  i knew that at any moment a might want to wake up and eat [she ate at 6:30 and we sat down at 7:30, so it was absolutely conceivable that she’d be hungry again at 8:30], and my public breastfeeding skills just aren’t really there yet.  i kept worrying that she’d wake up and start crying, and it felt a lot like dining out with a pager.
and similarly to dining out with the pager, i can do it — but i’d rather not.  i’m still glad we went on thursday, because this was a get-together with other family friends, and it made sense for us to go.  but i won’t be booking reservations out just for the fun of it, unless it’s for date night [ie, with a babysitter].  i’d honestly just rather entertain at our home or enjoy takeout if i’m not in the mood to cook!
all right
i probably shouldn’t put off shred time any longer!  
coming up in future posts:
✿ june goals
✿ the hunger diaries:  eating + breastfeeding, including my recent brief flirtation with a calorie-tracking app.  jen actually weighed in on the topic yesterday!   
✿ back to work:  figuring out how i’m going to do it — and what’s going to have to go
5.31.12 / 6.2.12

5.31 –> my first interval run!  of course, these intervals are much slower than intervals of my past, but hopefully this will help me reclaim some of that lost speed.  total was 4.5 mi in 45 minutes:
5 minute warmup [0.5 mi]
2 x 400m @ 8:35/mi with 400m slow jog between each
2 x 400m @ 8:27/mi with 400m slow jog between each
4 x 400m @ 8:20/mi with 400m slow jog between each
6.1 –> nada [rest day]
5.31 –> out at rue clear!  sadly, i was too distracted by my sleeping sidekick for any pictures.  but it was a lovely meal.
6.1 –> leftovers plus

i had planned on making honey cashew chicken, but we still had leftover beef noodles from earlier in the week, and i wanted to use them up!  at the same time, the vegetables i bought for the chicken were starting to worry me [i HATE throwing out produce!].  so, i made a chickenless honey cashew chicken, and served it on the side of the leftover noodles.

it worked, and i’m glad i used up these vegetables.  but for some reason josh and i were both hungry 20 minutes after finishing this.  he ate a cupcake i had bought him, and i tore into some ice cream.  and then, half an hour later i saw him eating half an egg salad sandwich in the fridge accompanied by a spoonful of peanut butter.  maybe my breast-feeding hunger is contagious . . .

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