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June 6, 2012

thanks for your thoughts
on yesterday’s post.  i just re-read it and i feel like i sound sort of crazy.  i think i have to:

a) stop worrying so much about my supply and what’s going to happen with pumping
b) stop worrying so much in general!

blogs/message boards/parenting websites are a wonderful thing, because there are so many good ideas out there and they have helped me to feel less alone in this journey so far!  but i do think that all these resources do have a downside, and that is that it’s so easy to read about others’ experiences and feel like you’re not measuring up —

with overabundant milk supply.
with the most earth-conscious/green parenting.
with ideal baby sleep habits.
with the latest gear or prettiest nursery.
with instant return to pre-preg fitness level or body shape.
with advanced baby milestones.

no one benefits from competitive parenting, including the baby.  josh keeps saying he just wants annabel to be happy — we’re not in some race to breed a superbaby!  if she grows up to love her family and she enjoys life, WE DID IT.

back tomorrow with her 2 month update [!!!!]

how is she two months old!?!?!?


6.3 – 6.5 [catching up!]

6.3 –> 5 miles!!  postpartum distance record — total time 47 minutes [speeds 9:13 – 9:30/mi]

6.4 –> 3.5 miles easy @ 10:00/mi

6.5 –> shred [i did end up doing it yesterday after all] + ~4 mi walk, part with sara!  [check it out, i think i motivated her to blog 🙂 ]

6.5 cooking light’s lamb burgers with cilantro raita  — except that i used parsley because i, like many others, hate cilantro.  i really liked the raita — the combo of yogurt + mint is always a winner for me.

the only sad part was that this iPhone pic was all that josh got to enjoy of this meal, because he never made it home last night!  at least there are leftovers . . . .

SO looking forward to his weekend off.

daily outings
6.3 –> a visit to my sister’s yarn store — coming soon to cary!
6.4 –> work meeting [it got me out of the house for several hours, so this counts!]
6.5 –> walk with sara

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