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June 17, 2012

i’m the last person on earth to discover lifehacker, but — well, i’m subscribed now.

a few interesting posts:

☆ take the weekend to automate your life

☆ using mint to create + stick to a budget.  lately it’s been spend city around here [new babies are expensive — and i’m not just talking about diapers].  i’ve had several attempts at budgeting, but none have stuck, as i just don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking about money!  luckily, this hasn’t hurt us too much [i automate our savings, among other things] but i think now might be a good time to finally give mint a try.

☆ program your day to defeat distractions + stick to a routine.  i prefer a lo-fi paper version, but get where he’s coming from!

tasks for the day
✔ move annabel’s stuff into nursery!!  [she’s been out of our room for a week now, so time to finally set everything up!]

✔ meal plan/grocery list
✔ write huggies/blogher post on emotions during pregnancy <– currently feels like a distant memory.  
✔ run as long as a will nap for [max 6 miles, but i think i’ll be lucky to fit in 5.
yeah, post-baby life is really starting to feel NORMAL around here!  
6.15 + 6.16

6.15 workout:  1 mile @ 10:00/mi [warmup], 2.5 mi @ 8:57/mi [“tempo”], 0.5 mi @ 10:00/mi [cooldown].  i was only planning 2 tempo miles, but i think i picked a pace that was too slow because this just felt too easy.  4 miles in 37:22.  i am really looking forward to being able to do 4 in 35 minutes or so again.  speedier running isn’t only more fun, but it’s also more efficient!
6.15 dinner:  leftovers
6.16 workout:  shred level 2.  getting better at squat thrusts + plank jacks but there are these squats/v-raises in the 3rd circuit that are still killing me — even with 3 lb weights.  
6.16  dinner:  farmers’ market bounty:
we had a rather indulgent brunch @ watts grocery, so dinner was kept simple with summery salads, seeduction bread from the freezer, and an apricot-goat cheese spread [also from the durham farmers’ marker].  our salads included spring mix topped with local carrots, bell pepper, and peach slices.  i threw some [non-local] toasted walnuts on top for good measure, plus a homemade honey balsamic vinaigrette.  

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