debating: 13.1 in october?

July 24, 2012
i’m thinking about it:
from 2005 – 2010, i raced half marathons pretty frequently — often every fall, and perhaps a spring race as a marathon buildup.  and then my fertility issues forced me to quit [short version:  many women can run long distances and ovulate!  but turns out that i can’t].
while i do want more babies in the future, i’m definitely not ready for one right now.  and i’m really feeling the urge to let myself dabble again in one of my favorite hobbies.
cue the above race.  it’s literally in my neighborhood, and will take place on october 21st.  i am not really worried about whether i could run/train for this.  but i have to admit i’m a tiny bit torn over whether i SHOULD.
the ONLY reason?

 yeah.  milk supply paranoia!!

the funny thing is that anyone could take one look at annabel [who is currently sporting several very cute chins and has never tasted formula] and call me absolutely crazy for worrying about this.  but i think it comes down to no longer trusting my body to do what it’s supposed to do, particularly when i’m running a lot.

both jen and ashley have raced half marathons [and more] successfully while breastfeeding.  but is it something i’ll be able to handle — while working and pumping up a storm?

i don’t know.
i do know that it would be really fun to train for and run the above race.  i don’t feel like it would be much extra time away from annabel, since even the longest weekly training runs could be done during naps on the ‘mill — plus she’s almost big enough for some BOB action!

if i do decide to go for it, i’m going to go fairly light on the training [compared to what i’ve done in the past]:

here’s hal higdon‘s intermediate plan [the first 5 weeks of it].  i would actually cut it even more by likely cutting out that run/strength session and just throwing in a 25 minute shred DVD.  this isn’t much more than i’m doing now, though the weekly long run is something i haven’t done since 2010.  and yes, i have missed it!
click to enlarge if desired
so obviously you can probably tell by reading this what i want to do.  but if it negatively impacted my ability to breastfeed, i would feel horrible about it.  i’m thinking of starting the training with that in mind — planning on cutting back [or dropping race plans altogether] if that starts to become an issue.
anyone with experience training/racing while breastfeeding?  would love any guidance.
the weekend turned out to be a great one, with the pager being fairly quiet and josh off the entire time!  
workouts included a 4 mile progression run on saturday [gradual increase in pace from 10:00/mi to 8:30/mi] and a 5 mile ‘long’ run on sunday [~9:30/mi]
dinner on sunday — made mostly by josh!! — was fantastic:
skirt steak with chimichurri sauce + CL’s amazing tomato stack salad with corn and avocado
we added wine [i was off of call!] and treated this gourmet meal like a date night in our own home 🙂  

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