an attempt

August 14, 2012

as we speak,

something major is happening.  annabel is sleeping, IN HER CRIB, UNSWADDLED.  it may be short-lived, but right now?  it is happening.  we didn’t do any sort of ‘cry it out’ regimen but just replaced her paci x 2, and she just kind of played with her feet for a while and then drifted off.

squint and you will see the sleeping baby.  or at least the idea of one.

[i will provide an update on how this ends up going, provided we all survive the night.  heh.  like the start of any call shift, i’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst . . . ]

if you have been through the swaddle transition, how did it go for you?  tips — as always — are welcome!!

other fun stuff
♥ date night #3 was greatly enjoyed by both participants [special shout-out to my sister, who was a’s babysitter again].

ignore my legs, which appear to be glowing, and the mop/broom.  
[i’m really going for some sort of photography award on this post, huh?]

for our date, we walked over to piedmont — downtown and very close by.  they have a new chef [with experience at french laundry — woah] and ownership, and we were both duly impressed.   on sundays, they have a special family style menu, with dishes meant for 2 to share. 
i have no photos, which is too bad because i’m sure they’d be awful and therefore fit with the theme of this post.  but we enjoyed a salad with heirloom tomatoes and local cheese, eggplant fries, and succulent beef spareribs atop homemade egg noodles. oh, and angel food cake with fig cream!  nearly everything was delicious [we both thought the fries could have used a little more kick] and the price point was quite reasonable.  
while i was on call, i received 0 pages until we arrived back at our apartment!  major win.

♥ half marathon training
well, it’s happening.  last week went pretty well:

i’m using hal higdon‘s intermediate plan to train.  it’s not a terribly intense plan.  i hate to admit it, but a few years ago i probably would have turned up my nose at the idea of ‘training’ for a race and having sub-20-mile weeks.  but i think it’s an appropriate one for me right now.

most of my weekday runs are on the treadmill, and i’m using jillian michaels dvds for my ‘stretch + strengthen’ days and for cross-training.  most weeks look like the above, though the runs will lengthen a bit as the plan progresses.  i’ll max out somewhere around 30 miles/week.  and maybe i’ll start to get faster, but i’m not terribly worried about speed for now.  my PR half was run at 8:10/mi, but that was in 2007.  if i can run october’s race somewhere near a 9 minute pace, i’ll be very happy.

♥ obsessed with babygap.

♥ josh is in charge of cooking this week, which is totally fun.  tonight we had mussels!!!
coconut mussels from aug/september clean eating mag + salad and brown rice

off to watch newsroom.  and potentially sleep — we’ll see how the night goes  . . .

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