August 26, 2012

i do not take weekends for granted.

in the world of medicine*, weekends aren’t always reserved for fun.  as it stands now, on average josh and i are both off together just 33% of the time.  we were incredibly lucky this month to have TWO back-to-back weekends to enjoy — last weekend at the beach, and this one at home.

i can’t decide which one has been more perfect.

taken by josh in durham on friday
[he used an app that lets you merge photos to create panoramic images]
* and in many other fields — i know it’s not just us!
over the past 2 days, i have enjoyed:
♥ lots of time with a happy smiley baby who has even been sleeping quite well [7p – 3:30a stretch last night and a rare, random 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon] 
♥ a mid-day movie in bed: the ultimate post-baby luxury.  we watched jeff, who lives at home, and both liked it a lot.
♥ two lovely runs.  saturday morning’s run was a 7-miler that took place outside, and it was just wonderful.  cool crisp air [in durham! in august!] and legs that seemed to carry me along effortlessly at a 9:00/mi clip.  i got home from this workout and paid for my official half marathon signup.  
today i did an easy 3 on the treadmill that was much less remarkable, but still nice in that a. slept through it perfectly.

♥ date night #4 @ sitti — which involved our first non-related ‘for-hire’ babysitter!  the only interaction she had with a. was to replace her pacifier x 2.  well worth the $60 we spent to get out of the house for a night on the town.  
[another post on date night soon.  but i just want to say that i LOVE date night.  like really, REALLY love date night.  in fact, i never want to stop having date nights, even when josh and i are super-old and gray and there are no longer any kids at home to kiss good night.  and i always want to have one on the calendar to look forward to.]
♥ a farmer’s market trip.  a. loved looking at all of the people, and we bought some cute mini peppers, eggplant [for tonight’s dinner] and fancy cheese.
♥ brunch with friends this morning @ vin rouge.  smoked salmon scramble, plenty of [decaf] coffee, a baby who played until she feel asleep at the table, and lots of conversation.
if it all sounds too good to be true . . . well, it felt that way.  i guess the rainbow must have been a good omen.  my heart is happy.

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