August 31, 2012
two current favorites:
1) 365 brand island hopper trail mix:  roasted and salted almonds, macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, and candied ginger.  very high nut:fruit ratio, and totally delicious.
2) dark chocolate, nuts & sea salt KIND bar:  despite what you might imagine, this bar has only 5g sugar.  again, lots of satiating nut goodness. 
love both of these.  however, i do not love the monotony of my diet right now.  because of the whole breastfeeding deal, i still have to eat a lot [really, a LOT].  in theory, this should be fun!  in practice, i actually find it sort of annoying and inconvenient.  who knew?
i find myself gravitating towards sweet things more often than probably is healthy, and i admit that at the end of the day, i tend to rely on snacky carbs with little nutritional value [i believe it was the fabulous shelby who used the term ‘carbage’ a few months back].  finally, despite my love for the options above, i’m sort of getting tired of eating nuts around the clock.  
since it’s back-to-school time, perhaps some of you have come up with some tasty, convenient, and healthy options?  i need ideas.  preferably for things that are:
a) not super sweet
b) satisfying.  probably in the 200-300 calorie range.  i’m not messing around.
c) easily portable
extra bonus points if they can easily be eaten while operating a breast pump! 
mini life updates:
illness:  feeling 80% better.  i haven’t had to miss any work.  and i almost ran tonight, but decided to give myself one more day to take it easy and fully recover.  miss a. has some mild cold symptoms but seems to be dealing with the germs better than i have been.  i wouldn’t have it any other way!
the avent manual breast pump:  definitely not the missing link for me.  i think i got 20 ml out and a mild case of carpal tunnel before i threw it in the sink and went running for my pump ‘n’ style.  ahh well.
other current goal:  you know, aside from the all-important snack improvement project — i need to find something to read.  we’ve been watching too much random tv at night and it’s not very satisfying.  don’t get me wrong – i love tv when i’m watching something i WANT to watch, but just zoning out in front of whatever is just blahhh.  although come to think of it, i did preorder happier at home so i’ll have that in just a few days!  anyone else looking forward to gretchen rubin’s happiness project sequel?

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