update: all is well

August 4, 2012

baby + mama both illness-free, at least for the moment.

weekend agenda:
✔ run [5 treadmill miles done — my first run since last week.  i guess i won’t abandon my half training just yet.]
✔ farmer’s market [gorgeous tomatoes!]
❑ brunch at toast, if josh gets out of work in time
❑ plenty of lying around and playtime with a. [throughout entire weekend]

mommy i will make you relax and smile whether you like it or not!

❑ some olympics on tv
❑ online shopping for necessities [diapers and the like!]
❑ bit of laundry
❑ trip to warm n fuzzy [my sister’s new store — check out their gorgeous website, it’s now up!].  kind of sad that i don’t actually knit!
❑ dinner in

❑ rest of laundry
❑ finish answering emails/paying bills
❑ another run
❑ meal planning/grocery shopping [with a. – she likes the store!]
❑ local yogurt with sue!
❑ dinner in

yeah, it’s a glamorous life over here!

upcoming entries [a list to remind myself!]

✔ planner update!  [in the end i’m using two after all!]
✔ thoughts on both random weekend reads [french women don’t get fat and train like a mother]. spoiler:  neither were life changing.
✔ tips for med students on the wards [i know several of you have requested this – it’s coming!  although i want to get josh’s input too!]

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