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September 18, 2012

not sure anyone will read this post
since a new one [huggies/blogher] is going up in the AM.  as an aside, i’ve really enjoyed writing that series!  i hope it hasn’t been too intrusive to anyone.  being assigned topics and deadlines gives me a tiny taste of what being a freelance writer might be like, and it’s actually been a lot of fun for me.

anyway.  before i schedule that, i just felt like writing an update!  things are happening here — mostly business as usual, but with a few twists . . .

running report:
on the whole?  going well.

i did a 9 miler in the rain yesterday that felt really good.  i don’t know the exact pace because i accidentally logged out of the mapmyrun app trying to change songs [don’t ask – at least my plastic bag waterguard kept the phone safe!].  but based on the first 6 splits, i’d estimate the overall pace something like 9:10/mi, perhaps a little faster.  
honestly, i think it’s far more pleasant to run in a wet 65 degrees than a sunny 80 — yet i saw almost no one else out there on sunday morning.  last week’s mileage was a moderate 22, including 3 treadmill runs plus sunday’s jaunt.  i’m not going to break any speed records in my upcoming races, but for a new[ish] mom?  i think i’m doing pretty okay.  
5K –> 9/29/12 [fitness world 5K – durham]
half marathon –> 10/21/12 [rambling rose – durham]
gretchen rubin strikes again
there is something about her writing that just speaks to me.  i’m reading happier at home and all the sudden i’m inspired to make all of these [little] changes in my life — and i don’t even understand WHY. and then she published this post, and y’all —
i’m going paleo.
okay, not really.  i love waffles too much.  and cheese.  and wine.  and ice cream.  fine, i guess i just love food too much.  but i have decided [not just on her post, but i admit she pushed me over the edge a little] that i eat too much sugar and too many empty carbs and i’m ready to moderate a little.  i’m trading my nightly ice cream for this:

seems to help more with milk production anyway 🙂

i still plan on eating everything and anything, but i’d like to make sugar more of a special-treat thing and stop relying on carbohydrates [particularly processed ones] as the centerpiece of every meal.  will let you all know how it goes.

this is happening:

she’s definitely not super-steady, but it’s more than i expected at less than 5.5 months!  it’s actually made playing much more fun because she’s never liked being on her back and eventually got tired on her stomach.  everything is just happening so fast . . . it’s amazing and slightly sad all at once.
in other baby-related news, project Feed Babybel is going pretty well.  she’s now tried sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash, and rice cereal, and none have been rejected.  i’m getting into the habit [well, if you can call twice a habit] of just puréeing some of what we eat for dinner and sticking it in the freezer. i actually have a beaba babycook, but i think i’m going to eBay it.  it’s just totally easy to make extra of an ingredient from whatever WE’RE having [just unseasoned] and then stick it in the food processor.  
off to the couch
and then the pump.  happy monday . . .

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