diaper dilemmas

September 20, 2012

while i’ve been posting for the huggies/blogher series for quite some time [even B.A. = before annabel!], i’ve never really discussed the obvious: our diapering habits!  however, this month one of the potential topics was to write about changing a newborn — our habits with diaper changes during the first month, and the like.
first of all, HOW WAS SHE EVER THIS TINY!?!?

i seem to have forgotten that our bouncing 5 month old started out as such a peanut.  i’ve heard it said a million times, but yeah — it really does go fast.  incredibly fast.

anyway, digressions aside.  diapering has become a bit of a hot topic these days, with families doing everything from elimination communication to cloth wipes to disposables.  i’ll offer up how we did things and how they’ve worked out so far — but i certainly don’t think there is only one right way. 

1)  how often to change?
i think we went through 10+ diapers/day in the early days!  but honestly?  assuming we get to do this again, i don’t think i’ll be quite so quick to change.  today’s disposables are absorbent little suckers.  a tiny bit of [liquid!] waste isn’t actually going to stay against the baby’s skin for very long, so i don’t think that every 1-2 hours during the daytime is necessary.  of course, all bets are off if there are other things in there — and in the early days i do recall there often were.

2)  waking to change?
i may be in the minority on this one, but even in the beginning i rarely changed a’s diaper overnight, because it tended to wake her up, making neither of us happy.  of course, i did bite the bullet and do it when there was an obvious need, but otherwise i relied on the absorbency and a good layer of diaper cream.  annabel hasn’t had a significant rash yet, so i’d probably do things the same way again.  

3) wipe warmer: yay or nay?
i’ve written about this before, but i am so glad we didn’t get one!  a has never cared one bit about the temperature of her wipes.  i’m sure there are babies that do mind, but my recommendation to any mothers-to-be out there would be to hold off on this and only get one if it does seem like yours is extra-particular!

other diaper dilemmas?  burning questions? random thoughts?  as always, feel free to share.

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