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September 5, 2012
i am INCREDIBLY tired lately.  as in, i find myself dragging at multiple points throughout the day.  i also pretty much want to go to bed at 8pm every night, but force myself to stay up until at least 9 so i can do my last pump of the day.  
i’m sure it’s just my whole routine right now, but man.  i could use about a thousand espresso shots.  and a 6 hour nap.
half marathon training may not be helping with this either, but it’s going pretty well.  monday i did my long run [delayed by a day since i was sick last week]:  8.09 mi @ 9:14/mi.  not bad for nearly 80 degrees by the end with plenty of humidity.
✿ fun
fatigue didn’t stop us from having a pretty exciting weekend [exciting for us, anyway].  miss a. got some quality time at the yarn shop with her aunt:
sporting her diane von furstenburg for babyGap dress.
[she has far more style than i do these days]

and we hosted a dinner party with k + dr. s — with a belgian theme.  sort of.  basically, we just wanted an excuse to make more mussels:
josh serving up his mussels in beer broth

i whipped up this [questionably authentic?] green bean and potato salad to go with.  anyone from belgium, please feel free to let us know whether we hit the mark!
green beans, red potatoes, bacon and shallots in a red wine vinaigrette

we drank this to celebrate dr. s’s recent trip to portland:

and then things got formal. 

we’re both in their wedding!!  josh was trying on his tux to see if it met their specifications.

obviously, the fun had to [abruptly] end and we were back at our normal routines yesterday.  for some reason, it felt so hard to leave babybel after enjoying the past 3 days with her!  combined with the fatigue, yesterday just dragged.  i felt so unfocused and a little sad, too.

hopefully today will be better!  a. did sleep until 4 am last night [YAY!!!] and is still snoozing now.  off to get ready . . .

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