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September 13, 2012
i was going to write

a day in the life post, but i’m too tired.  tomorrow perhaps?

this AM.  she probably didn’t really need the sweater, but man was it cute.

there have been some changes since the last time i wrote up a similar post, so i thought i’d share.  
spoiler #1:  things DO get easier!  
spoiler #2:  no, a still doesn’t sleep through the night.  ahh well.

i’ve eaten the same leftovers
for the past 4 days.

training is going well
and i’ve signed up for this 5K on september 29.  i’m not going to PR, but i’d like to see what my speed situation is.  it’s hard to tell with so many runs on the treadmill.  josh and i think ours may be calibrated a little fast [ie, you run faster than the pace you set], but it may just be wishful thinking.

oh, and i’m getting really used to running at night.  it definitely makes the most sense with a’s sleep patterns and habits.  both today and yesterday were capped with 4.5 miles on the ‘mill.

i totally want this dress

countrystripe songbird dress from my new favorite store
[and i kind of want this one too.  maybe a sale will happen . . .]. 
more tomorrow!  

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