holiday travel with a baby: dealing with routines

October 16, 2012

venturing into the great unknown . . .
in just 6 short weeks, it will be thanksgiving. i know — i can’t believe it either! this year has flown, and i blame this little muffin:

who, me?

for nearly every year over the past decade [again: woah], josh and i have headed to miami to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. my own parents have been a little sad to see us go south for this holiday so often, but i now associate turkey carving with palm trees and a pool party. it’s tough to compete.
anyway, this year will be different. very different. for one obvious and very cute reason.

i wish i could say i was completely relaxed about transitioning our current routine to a vacation version, but — i have no idea how it’s going to go. and therefore, i’m a little nervous.
there are definitely two schools of thought surrounding vacation routines for infants and even older children:

1) there’s the preserve-at-all-costs set: those who try to follow the home schedule to the letter. no late bedtimes and no missed naps!

2) on the other extreme, there are those who embrace the vacation mindset and just try to go with the flow.

the latter option definitely sounds like more fun to me, but strikes me as risky. i’m not sure what would happen if i let a. stay up past her usual bedtime, as it’s just not something i experiment with at home. however, putting her down on time would mean making sure to be back at homebase by 6pm every night to start her typical routine — not something that will be super easy or natural on vacation.

so: i’d love to hear your suggestions. do you think that sticking to home bedtimes is too rigid for a vacation? or is the missed family time worth it in order to prevent inevitable fatigue-related meltdowns [for you and/or the babe]? and what about naps? my gut is that one solid nap per day should help ward off cranky spirits, but perhaps i will learn the hard way that this won’t cut it.

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