a little [fashion] help?

November 19, 2012

i feel pretty decent about my current post-baby style.
i’ve been rather . . .nice to myself this fall, and my closet currently does contain multiple outfits that i enjoy wearing.  i also did a clean sweep a little while ago — out went ill-fitting dresses, jeans that i’m not sure ever fit, too-short or stretched out tops, and a few misguided anthropologie sale-rack ‘experiments’.

when it comes to sweaters or skinny jeans, i’m good.  but i have two job interviews coming up next week [!!!] and — well, i am in need of some help.

destination: MIA
as i’ve mentioned before, we’re headed to miami beach after finishing up this july in NC.  i’m thrilled not to have to pack a million layers for our upcoming trip, but it would have made interview attire easier.  i have a brown suit [jacket, pants] from banana republic circa 2006 — from residency interviews.  it’s not the most glamorous, but if i were headed to the snow zone it probably would have made the most sense.

however, it just felt like too much for miami.  too heavy, slightly dated, and perhaps a little too stuffy.  i was just going to make it work, but josh urged me to get something i would feel good in.  of course, finding a last-minute ensemble isn’t the easiest, especially when you’re 5’1″ [alterations are usually involved].

here’s what i ended up coming home with:

suiting-type dress and navy blue jacket from j. crew
[the jacket sleeves need to be shortened]
to be honest, i’m not enamored of this outfit, either, but i think it’s more appropriate for FL.  however — the toms platforms clearly have to go.  what is the best shoe choice — color and style-wise — for this outfit?  i’m thinking pumps, but color?  can i get away with black?  i feel like navy would look too matchy/flight attendant.  would a neutral leather be better?  
finally — i’m assuming that i have to wear stockings, since it’s an interview.  i haven’t put on a pair of nude hose since like, 1990-something.  but i don’t really see an alternative in this case.  correct?  wrong?
opinions welcome!  
weekend gallery

SOOOO close!  but somehow it didn’t end up on there!

weekly plans 11.19 – 25

30 minute run + planks x 2-3
frozen pizza, sautΓ©ed kale
shred level 1
shrimp w/ orzo + broccoli
30-40 minute run w/ tempo


friday – sunday
will probably run 1-2x in miami.