fashion update:

November 20, 2012

thank you all

for weighing in on my fashion question!  as a result of your comments, i:
✔ feel better about the outfit overall 
✔ had the tailor take the jacket in a bit, in addition to shortening the sleeves
✔ had the tailor hem the dress to just above the knee
✔ splurged on these beauties to go with:
kate spade ‘karolina’ in camel patent

if they fit, they will be the nicest shoes i have ever owned and i plan on wearing them to the ground.  after the interviews, of course.
the jury is still out on the hosiery question — but i’ll make a game day decision.  i will go to miami armed with some sheer/nude donna karan hose, though, and i’m leaning towards wearing them.  it’s true: hospitals are old school.  and i think i am less likely to offend by wearing stockings than by skipping them, if that makes sense.
feeling oddly anxious about the travel with annabel and the interviews up ahead.  

brain dump of baby-related stuff i need to bring to MIA
❏ clothes for annabel [week’s worth = her entire wardrobe]
❏ sleep sack
❏ pacis
❏ diapers, diaper cream, wipes
❏ ergo baby carrier
❏ few ziploc bags [for dirty diapers, etc]
❏ baby food for a day or so [thinking we’ll go to the grocery store on friday].  and while i plan to breastfeed, some formula just in case for during interviews, etc.
❏ bibs
❏ baby spoons
❏ thermometer, tylenol, nasal aspirator [if i bring them, we won’t need them. . . right?]
❏ bathing suit + swim diapers + sun hat + sunscreen
❏ few toys/books
❏ pump
❏ bottles
❏ iPad [as white noise machine 🙂 ]
❏ blanket [to spread out outside, or on a hard floor]
please let me know if you note any glaring omissions!
[crib + carseat – we are borrowing my SIL’s stuff.  i am assuming there will be some high chair we can use.  and i think we’re going to go stroller free since a. is quite happy in the ergo when we’re on the move.]


  • Reply Marci March 10, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Those shoes are beautiful, excellent choice!

  • Reply Kara March 10, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    If the Karolina’s don’t work out Vince Camuto makes a cheaply priced nude platform that you can order (free shipping + returns) from Nordstrom. Size down. YOU’LL DO GREAT (and look great too!). And I would wear hose. I don’t wear hose to work in the spring/summer, but I am always rubbed the wrong way when I interview law students who don’t wear hose. I think it shows a level of presumptuousness.

  • Reply Denise March 10, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Love the shoes! I have a pair like that except they are peep toe and I have worn them so much. I would say no hose. No one in Miami wears panty hose but I think you will be fine either way. Don’t stress so much about what to bring! If you forget anything, I’m sure Rachel has about 10 of whatever it is. We can’t wait to see you and meet Annabel!

  • Reply Alyssa7_ March 10, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    looks awesome 🙂 just wondering if you might want an umbrella (for sun, mostly) that you can put annabel under if she falls asleep outside. my mom used to do this to me and my sisters on the beach!

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