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November 8, 2012

you know, the typical brain dump.  forgive me.

✩ evening time management update
so far — pretty good!  i’ve stuck with my super-simple dinner plans this week and even snuck in some reading in bed over the past couple of nights.  i have felt almost . . . caught up with life, with time for miss annabel and some time for me, too.  the caveat?  there’s been no running or exercise whatsoever [see injury update, below].  however, i actually think that with some clever timesavers and conscious avoidance of timesucks*, i can continue to do better in this realm than i have been even once workouts resume.

i am taking a cue from caitlin [who got her idea from laura vanderkam of 168 hours fame] and am planning on a time audit over the next 7 days in order to really delve into things further.  i will report back — hopefully with pretty pie charts and graphs that reveal a treasure trove of secret hidden minutes.

✩ baby wardrobe update
this dress is on its way to us and i am DYING to put it on a.  i just had to share:

i am sort of obsessed with mini boden.  and ducks.  and this color blue.

✩ anticipation!
currently looking forward to:

– visit from 3 amazing ladies [college besties] this weekend
– thanksgiving!  spending time with all of our FL family.  [how is it only TWO weeks away!?]
– JOB INTERVIEWS.  and maybe even getting a Real Job!  omgomg.
– being able to run again.  i hope.
– the holidays [my parents are visiting again and i love it when they get to spend time with a!]

✩ back update
i am s/p one visit to the chiro and nearly a week of complete rest from running.  i still have some pain when i lift heavy things [ie: the car seat with a. in it] and when i attempt to bounce around [i know, i should stop] but walking is nearly pain-free, which is definitely an improvement.  i will be seeing the chiropractor ~2x/week for the next few weeks until things are better.  he said to avoid running until at least monday, and that we could discuss it then.  i’m very lucky that:

a) i am back in the lab now, so my schedule is a bit more flexible
b) the chiro has super early hours and adjustments are very fast, so i can cram them in before work [going tomorrow @ 7:50 am]
c) my insurance at least covers it partially [though those copays will add up quickly.]

✩ great motherhood-related posts i read while pumping today:
embracing the imperfect [by brittnie] – beautiful and so true
day in the life with a 13-month old [by brittany] – just fascinating because she makes it sound SO easy!

* who resolves to improve their time management and then joins pinterest the same week?  only me, apparently.  for the love of pete.

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