December 5, 2012

✔ REALLY enjoying the pre-made dinners that we splurged on this week.  i’ll have to take a pic next time!  on monday we enjoyed ribs and tonight was a roasted chicken with tomato jam.  served with a delicious salad — greens, spiced pecans, bleu cheese, raisins, and a nice balsamic vinaigrette, all packed up and ready to toss together.

✔ CONTEMPLATING another half marathon.  maybe in charlottesville in april — i absolutely love that race, and we’ll never be this close to VA again.

✔ NOT doing terribly well with my december goals today, after a strong start.  for one, i should be in bed already [i ran, but haven’t showered or pumped yet.  oops.]  additionally, i think i’ve eaten my weight in sugar and assorted treats.  what can i say?  i was hungry.  tomorrow is another day.

✔ VERY preoccupied re: getting a job.  to the point where i am having a hard time focusing on anything else.  it’s so frustrating to be in limbo, knowing exactly what i want, but having no power to do anything about it right now other than be patient.  i had clinic today in raleigh — which i love — and it only made me fixate more on what my days might be like in the future.  IF, that is, i am granted the opportunity that i am hoping for.

✔ IN DISBELIEF that our decade-plus in NC will come to an end this summer.  for years, our move to miami has been on the books for 2013.  i can’t believe we’re actually working on finding a house in miami beach.  i can’t believe josh and i will both be finished with subspecialty medical training!  i can’t believe this year is really here.

i also cannot believe that we get to take HER with us:

annabel, you make my heart melt every day.

basically, i feel incredibly lucky.  [but i’d feel juuuuuust that much luckier if i could get that job situation settled.]


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