nap notes, volume 291

December 30, 2012

or thereabouts
it’s a mixed-bag sort of weekend:  i’ve got a cold — and just like omdg, i have to say i am TIRED of being sick.  it seems like someone is always under the weather in this household and i’d love to have just a few weeks free of stuffy noses, painful ears, GI distress, and the like.

annabel also had her absolute worst night of sleep since the newborn days last night.  i think she was up from 11:30 pm – 2:30 am.  we tried changing her, feeding her [breast plus a bottle!], even ibuprofen — nothing seemed to calm her, except for rocking in josh’s arms, and the second she was put back down . . . screams.  very sad and very unlike her!  i realize that we are probably lucky that this is as bad as it gets, but — well, at the time it felt pretty terrible.  and josh was the main one up through most of it.  i think she may be teething.  hopefully tonight will not bring a repeat performance.

STILL, despite all that — it’s been a pretty relaxing time.  my sister [thank you SOOOO much bec!] babysat last night and even stayed overnight; luckily she claims to have slept through most of the hubbub.  it worked out so well — a got to spend time with her doting aunt this morning, and we got to enjoy a great double date out with friends without stressing about getting back at a certain time.

and we got to eat a ridiculous sweet potato pudding dessert at mandolin last night:

sweet potato custard, ginger marshmallows, rosemary ice cream + pistachio glaze 
[i think — on the plate]

and we planned out a fun night in for NYE

and annabel has been in a great mood [other than last night]

her new favorite toy:  an owl puzzle.  
although currently she only gets the concept of taking the pieces OUT.

and i had a MASSAGE

and i got these shoes half-price at ann taylor:

and — drumroll please — we are actively weaning during the day and i feel really good about it.  finally, i won’t be able to debate with myself anymore [and you all won’t have to read about it!!].  and the only thing i feel now is immense relief.  today, i’ve been giving annabel a bottle of [gasp!] formula for every other daytime feed.  hopefully, this will lead to a pretty seamless pump-free transition back to work on wednesday.  i plan on continuing the AM and PM breastfeeding as long as i can, but i am really really happy that i finally made this decision.

time for some timely reflection on resolutions & goals for the upcoming year.
i’ve already started thinking about it, but i’d like to work on making things really specific and — dare i hope — actually realistic.  time to get off-line and onto paper . . .

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