December 26, 2012

sooo, annabel began projectile vomiting on 12/20.  nearly a week later, i think she’s finally healthy.  she left a trail of sick adults in her wake [me, then josh, then both my parents in quick succession] — although luckily we all got an attenuated version without terribly much in the way of GI symptoms.

“who, me?”
i have no hard biochemical evidence, but based on clinical features i am guessing it was rotavirus*, and i hope it really is over.
i would love to say i enjoyed a little ‘unplugged’ time over the past week or so of silence, but that would be a lie — i was just too busy working [on call sat + sun], changing diapers [SOOOO many diapers . . .], fretting about a’s hydration status [looks like she made it through], and resting myself during the rare moments when i got the chance.
for the moment, all is quiet – guests are gone, a is napping, and i am staying home for one last day [until a has had 24 hours of normal diapers, as per day care policy].  perhaps some reflection and quiet unplugged time WILL happen today.
as always is the case this time of year, i find myself dreaming and scheming about what i’d like the next year to look like.  i’m contemplating resolutions charts [thanks to gretchen rubin] and goals.  i actually would like to breathe some new life into the blog, too — so perhaps you’ll be hearing more from me in the year 2013.  but for now i think i really do need to take a day or so and just recover and BE.
happy holidays . . .

* yes, annabel was fully vaccinated with rotateq — but the vaccine doesn’t typically prevent infection altogether, just lessens severity.  

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